Weston Super Mare - Out of Season

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Meanwhile, In Town

Just a few yards from the Pier and the beach, the town begins. Sometimes, in the evening, you can go into the town centre and be the only person there. A newsagent’s that opens late - maybe - and obviously the restaurants (fast and otherwise) but they’re seldom busy (Unless you count McD’s).

I don’t think there is any need to look at these images individually… Derelict or dilapidated shops and buildings, mostly within 200 yards of the town centre.

Then there is this, hidden away in a beauty spot (Or, depending on your “information” a “shitty druggieland of a park where drunks hang out and gays go to fuck.”

I moved to Weston 15 years ago, and I actually remember this shop being open. It closed soon after I came (Coincidence?) And has never re-opened.

The last bus. Empty, or with maybe a giggling pair of teenagers on the top deck, flashes past an otherwise deserted town centre.

And you can’t get more town centre than this. HIGH STREET.

Ironically, the store I was standing at closed suddenly a day or so later.

(Another Coincidence?)

Only the hardiest of skateboarders venture out in the wet, but the streetart of JPS is worth looking out for.

Rush Hour. 8:45. When coffee bars elsewhere are buzzing, and streets are bustling.

I always wonder the how's and where’s of the solitary trolley. Was this its big break. The cry of the big open spaces just became too much for it?

Yes, it’s a cliché. But that’s how they become cliché’s

Or perhaps it just wanted to watch a glorious sunrise here.

At least this woman managed to savour it for a few moments.

I could ruin the moment by telling you she’s sitting 50 yards from a notorious toilet that junkies regularly shoot up in.

But I won’t tell you that.

The Bournville estate.

Known locally as a dodgy area, I’ve never had a problem with it (Except from one guy who thought I was from the council, taking photographs of his dad’s hedge… But we ended up on good terms).

But it is bleak.

And is minimalist in its architecture.

And, needless to say, it has closed stores.

And have these monstrosities in their back gardens.

(Google cancer and leukaemia links to pylons)

And everywhere you go, they remind you of the donkeys from the beach.

And out of nowhere comes this (ridiculous?) door. Peaks my interest no end.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a green door…

Elsewhere in town, “renovations” take an eternity.

Always scaffolding, always tarpaulins. Never progress.

There’s many messages on this piece. Including ”32% of all suicides in Weston, happen within 1 mile of this mural”.

1 in 4 (The service who provided this mural) was closed down in 2018.